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New Life Confirmation ministry is a two year process of helping students grow as disciples of Jesus and of assisting parents in the promises they made at their child’s baptism; to faithfully bring their child to the services of God’s house, to place in their child’s hands the Holy Scriptures, and to provide for their child’s instruction in the Christian faith.


The basic teachings of the faith are covered through weekly classes on Sunday mornings throughout the school year, with the Bible and the Lutheran Handbook used as primary texts.  Weekly worship is maintained throughout the two year process, with sermon summaries assisting students in learning how to seek meaning in worship.  Service projects throughout the year further the process of growing as servants for Christ, and an annual retreat supplements our learning and strengthens our fellowship.


Catechism Bible readings are distributed on a weekly basis as a tool to develop the discipleship practice of daily Bible study and to give students an overview of the main characters and events of the Bible.


Readings are provided on a two year cycle, with school years starting in even numbered years being New Testament, and school years starting in odd numbered years being Old Testament.


Each assignment is designed to take 25-45 minutes to read and write brief responses to the questions for each passage.  Four to seven minutes per day is plenty of time to complete the work.


Click on the linked file to retrieve any given assignment.  Bring completed assignments to your next class.  Students should have Readings 1-12 completed by Thanksgiving, through 22 by the end of February, and through the rest by the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend, which is Confirmation Sunday.


Confirmation Retreat Description

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Catechism Registration 2014-2015


Catechism Format 2014-2015


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