Catechism Overview



1) To help youth grow in faith, love and understanding of God’s will for them in life.

2) To encourage youth to apply a mature understanding of Christian principles to their daily lives.

3) To equip youth with the tools, knowledge, and understanding to continue a life-long process of following

Jesus as disciples and as active members of His Church.

4) To provide specific opportunities for youth to personally use their gifts, talents and abilities in service to

Christ’s Church.




1) In order to teach the basics of our Christian faith, New Life Church assists parents by offering catechism

class* on Sunday mornings throughout the school year at 9:00 AM. Attendance at all classes is expected.

One parent from among confirmation families will be present at each class, with each family asked to

sign up for two Sundays throughout the school year. Confirmation Ministry is presented in a two year

format as follows:

A. The basic texts will be the Bible and The Lutheran Handbook, supplemented significantly by a

variety of resources that will enable today’s youth to find greater meaning for twenty-first century life.

B. Year A – Students will be guided through the following traditional emphases of Luther’s Small

Catechism; The Lord’s Prayer, Holy Communion, Holy Baptism. Home Bible readings will provide an

overview of the Old Testament.

C. Year B – Students will be guided through the following traditional emphases of Luther’s Small

Catechism; The Ten Commandments and The Apostles’ Creed. Home Bible readings will provide an

overview of the New Testament. *(2012-2013 is Year B)

D. This year’s instructors include Monica Betancourt, Melinda Lingenfelter, Christine Pierce, Barbara

and Ken Keim, and Jessica McCallum.


2) Christian worship is vital to the process of growing in faith, of maintaining a healthy relationship with

other Christians, and of deepening our relationship with God. Regular Sunday morning worship is

critical during the formative years of confirmation ministry. To assist youth in maintaining a regular

pattern of worship, sermon summaries will be received from students each time they worship. A goal of

80% will be kept for worship attendance, meaning 28 summaries should be submitted through next May.


3) To help students grow in their understanding of God’s Word and to practice the discipleship ideal of

daily Bible reading, there will be weekly reading assignments, approximately 20 minutes in length, with

students writing to make connections between the Bible and their daily lives.


4) Students are strongly encouraged to participate in Confirmation Retreats. Our first Mini-Retreat Fun

Day is set for September 15, 2012. We will start at 9:00 a.m. with outings to a bowling alley and local

park, a little bit of learning and service at the church, pure fun options for free time, all wrapping up with

the Bonfire that night. The goal is to promote faith-filled friendship, to promote a positive fellowship

among students and with their teachers, and to set the tone for our ministry for the year.

Our second Retreat opportunity is the Youth Quake in Allentown, PA on Feb. 8-10. This gathering

will include hundreds of middle school students throughout the region, and is designed to provide a high

energy experience of Christian fellowship with peers beyond the local community. Visit to find out much more.


Please note that these opportunities are a critical part of our learning ministry. A key portion of these

experiences are to grow in fellowship and to take time away to focus on faith in daily life. Parents are

encouraged to help with these events as chaperones, drivers, and meal providers.


5) Students will grow in their experience of the discipleship practice of “serving” by participating in either

1) three service projects offered by C.O.O.L. Kidz, New Life’s middle school youth ministry or 2) A

family developed and implemented service project through any regional Christian service organization.

(See Pastor Scott for details.) Students may do both. One opportunity for service will include the third

Thursday of each month beginning in October with students excused from school at 12:30 p.m. and

serving together at Jerusalem House in Allentown, returning to the church at 8:00 p.m.


6) Students are encouraged to participate in youth ministry activities held throughout the year. C.O.O.L.

Kidz meets every Wednesday immediately after school through 6:45 p.m., once per month on Sunday,

with an additional monthly outing for service and fun.


Upon completion of two years of confirmation ministry, students will publicly affirm their baptisms in

worship on Confirmation Sunday, set this coming year for May 19, 2013 at the 10:15 worship service.

Regular mailings will be sent to families regarding each student’s progress. With any questions, parents or

students may call any time at 610-298-2710, or correspond via email CLOAKING . Thank you for

your crucial support as we work together in making disciples to the glory of God.


*There will be no class on the following Sundays: November 25, December 30, February 10, March 31



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