Sisters in Spirit

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Our Mission:

We seek to unite women of faith together so that they can grow in unity, walking together as one body, with Christ as Head of the body.  Women from New Life and the surrounding community will unite to nurture and support each other in spirit and heart. 


Our Goals:

  • To connect women with each other.
  • To connect women with our community.
  • To connect women with Jesus.


Our Plan of Action:

We plan to reach women through various small group ministries (Book clubs, service projects, mentoring), through bibles studies, and through Christian retreats, conferences, speaking engagements and organized fellowship events. 


Our Outcome:

The building up of women of God who actively

  • apply the Word of God in their everyday lives,
  • build community,
  • pray for and encourage one another, and
  • share their faith while serving others in their homes, their families and their communities.


Our Giving:

New Life Evangelical Lutheran Church SIS Scholarship (amount dependent upon funds raised each year) will be available to New Life high school females graduating in the current year that plan to further their education and/or to New Life women of any age currently enrolled in college.  In accordance with New Life’s tradition of tithing on fundraising efforts, 10% of the scholarship fundraising money will be tithed to Truth for Women in the Lehigh Valley in keeping with our outreach goals for women.


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