Over the past few years the World Missions team has focused on working with our mission partners in San Felix, Panama as they minister to the Ngabe-Bugle Indians from the comarca. A "comarca" is roughly a county or in this case a reservation for this indigineous group. The mission complex in San Felix is an education center teaching,  among other things, farming, baking, sewing, and computer skills.


There is also a "hospital" for the pregnant Ngabe women. Here they get health care and nutritional education so they can be a better mother when they go back to the comarca.


Padre Adonai oversees the activities in the mission and preaches at quite a few area churches. He is a great guy to work with. We have been blessed to have him visit New Life a few times.


Past projects include a "Dress me up & send me to school" campaign where we provided school clothes, shoes and books so the children could go to school. Fortunately, the new Panamanian government is now supplying the books and clothing. We have also done many repairs, distributed soccer balls, bibles, blankets, cross necklaces and other items to the people there. What a joy it is to do this!


What are we up to this year? We'll keep you posted. Better yet, join us for our weekly bible study during the 9:00 learning hour on Sundays.


 August 2012 World Mission Team in Panama




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